Using the Smokeball Timer

Available on Smokeball Bill, Boost and the Grow and Prosper+ Web App

Learn how to use Smokeball's built-in timer to track time and fees easily.

Accessing the timer

Smokeball Desktop App Smokeball Web App

The timer is located in the top-right corner of Smokeball.

It is also located on the top-right corner of the Time & Disbursements window when Pop Out is enabled.

Starting the timer

Click on the timer and select Add A Timer. The timer will begin immediately.

The timer can be paused/resumed by clicking the plus/play symbol.


You can add a subject line and matter to the timer so that when you stop, this information is automatically entered in the time/fee entry created.

Stopping the timer

Select the green tick next to the elapsed time to stop the timer.

A window to create a new time/fee entry will appear, with the time, subject and matter automatically filled in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run a timer in a matter and in my Time & Expenses screen?

Only one timer can be active at a time. If you start a new timer, any previously active timer will automatically pause.

Additionally, all timers across different screens are synchronised, so you can easily switch between screens and still see all of your active timers, regardless of which screen they were started on.

Will my timer continue to run in the background when I close Smokeball?

If you try to close Smokeball while a timer is running, a prompt will ask if you want to pause it.

Will I lose my paused timers if I don't convert them to a time entry before I close Smokeball?

No. When you re-open Smokeball and click on the timer, you will be able to see the previously paused timers.

Do my paused timers remain visible indefinitely, or do they delete after a period of time?

All timers remain in place until you either delete them or complete them.

Is there a limit to how many timers I can have showing on the timer menu?

No, there is no limit.

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