Use the time finder to track activities

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Smokeball's Activity Intelligence helps keep track of everything you are doing in Smokeball. Time Finder allows you to easily apply these Activities as Time Entries on a Matter for the purposes of invoicing.

  1. Clicking on Time Finder from a Matter, will only show Activities relevant to that Matter

  2. Clicking on Time Finder from the Smokeball Home Screen will show Activities relevant to all Matters

  3. You can filter by dayweek or month to see Activities completed in Smokeball for a particular time range
  4. You can see Activities completed by different Staff Members by clicking on the drop-down
  5. Click the to add the Activity as a Time Entry on the relevant Matter
  6. Click the  to reject the Activity and remove it from the TimeFinder
  7. Click the  to amend the descriptiontime or default rate applicable on that Time Entry before adding it to the relevant Matter
  8. Once you have added an Activity via TimeFinder, it will appear on the Time & Disbursements tab
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