SA - Adjustment Statement Purchase/Sale

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Adjustment Statement - Purchase/Sale - SA

Where it is

State: SA

Path: Conveyancing/Purchase and Conveyancing/Sale

What it looks like

Where the data comes from

Vendor contact card(s)

Purchaser contact card(s)

Property Details: Property Address

Conveyancing Details: Settlement Date

Conveyancing Details: Purchase Price, GST, Deposit Amount

Settlement Financials: Add Statement Item > Price & Adjustments

Calculation: Total of all debits less total of all credits

Calculation: Total of the whole debit / credit columns

Handy Hints

The deposit status must be selected as ‘Paid’ for the amount to populate

The adjustment date will automatically populate as the day before the settlement date, as entered into the Conveyancing Details unless you overwrite it in Settlement Financials





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