Convert a Lead to a Matter

Once you are formally retained by the client you can convert the Lead to a Mater by clicking on the Convert to a Matter Button at the top of the lead. 

When you select Convert to Matter you will be prompted with a screen to select the Matte Type to convert to.

Things to note in this screen: 

  • Only Matter Types appear in the list thatare available to the firm: 

  • If we have a Matter Type with the same name in the same category, we will auto select it, otherwise we fallback to expanding the same category. 

  • At the bottom we show the current Lead Type of the Lead and the Matter Type selected that they would change to. 

Are you sure? A conversion is Not Reversible.

After selecting Convert, confirm you want to proceed as the conversion is not reversible.

If the Lead Type and Matter Type are 100% compatible, you will receive will see the following prompt:


If the Lead Type contains anything that does not exist on the Matter Type, the following prompt appears:


Once converted, the user will see the converted Matter with the different header colour, matter icon etc and a Matter Number / Internal Reference will be assigned at this time if automatic matter numbering is turned on. 

For additional assistance with this feature, please Contact us

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