Convert a lead to a matter

Once your firm retains a client you can convert the Lead to a Matter.


Converting the lead

Select the Convert to Matter button above Lead Details to start the process.

After selecting Convert to Matter, Smokeball displays a window to choose the Matter Type.


The Current Lead Type and Matter Type converting to fields display near the convert button for reference.

  • Only matter types available to the firm can appear on the list.
  • Smokeball auto-selects the matter type if the lead has the same name in the same category.

Confirming lead conversion

After selecting Convert, Smokeball will prompt you to confirm the conversion as it is not reversible.


If the Lead Type and Matter Type are 100% compatible, you can continue to complete the matter details.

There may be fields in the lead that cannot convert to the chosen matter type. Smokeball removes the incompatible data from the matter.


Make a note of the data before conversion for placing in the converted matter. Memos or contact cards can hold data in the new matter.

After converting the lead

Once converted, the heading colour changes from dark green to dark blue and the icon changes from (L) to (M).

If you've enabled automatic matter numbering, Smokeball assigns a Matter Number/Internal Reference.

Next Steps

Now that the lead is a matter, make sure to update every line of information. This ensures better automation of the matter. Learn more about editing contact details in a matter.

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