Smokeball automatically tracks activities - this feature can be used for time billing, or to determine how much time was spent working in a Fixed Fee matter.

The system tracks activity as well as inactivity so you don't have to remember to start/stop a timer if you are interrupted or try to remember what activities you worked on.

AutoTime needs to be enabled on a user-by-user basis. You can enable AutoTime for staff members by accessing Smokeball Settings > Staff & Users > Billing tab Set Hourly Rate (1). Enable automatic creation of time entries (2) and select related functions (3).

  • Group activities as one entry will summarise activities
  • Sending email when AutoTime entries are created will enable a daily email listing time related activities transferred to Time and Expenses
  • Mark my time entries as billable will automatically apply all time recorded activities as billable items in Time & Expenses
  • Include Matter Administration activities will record the time spent amending information in a Smokeball Matter
  • Include Memo activities will record the time spent creating Memos
  • Group email-based time entries by subject line will group activities for related emails

To manually add any other time activities not tracked by Smokeball (ie phone calls), select Activity on the Home screen or within the matter (1) and enter the details of the activity (2). Once saved this activity will be transferred into Time & Expenses if AutoTime is enabled otherwise add manually (3).

AutoTime screen at a Global level or within a matter can be filtered by Date (1), by Staff (2), by Activity types (3), by Fees set or not set (already transferred to Time & Expenses or not) (4), Grouped by day, matter type or activity (5)

Have option to Print or Export (6)

AutoTime transfers tracked activities to Time & Expenses overnight but can be forced to update at any time by selecting Review AutoTime.

In Time & Expenses when AutoTime is enabled and “group activities as one time entry” is selected (in settings)  Summary is displayed by default (1). Subject will be hidden by default and vice versa when setting is not enabled (2).

You can override the default by right clicking and selecting - system will remember if you override.

Grouped fee items are summarised according to category in this order:







•Matter Admin

•Custom Entries

Good to Know

Single item fee will display standard subject as the summary.

Existing prior fees will retain existing summary description (services provided on …..), double click to see summary.

When grouped fees is not selected in settings when activating AutoTime, fees will be listed in subject.

In Time & Expenses activities including pending activities can be edited and deleted by double clicking on each line item.

Click on refresh (on home screen and in a matter to update)

The duration of time entries is tracked in hours:minutes

To compare Fixed Fees against time spent working in a matter select Matter Insight (Fixed Fee in Time & Expenses and Estimated 
Annual Cost in Settings > Staff and Users > Billing need to be completed)

Enabling AutoTime will remove the ability to use Time Finder.

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