Communicate Mobile App

Communicate is Smokeball's secure messaging and file sharing system.

Whether you are a Smokeball User, a client of a Smokeball user, or any Third Party, the app can be downloaded to have access to any securely shared messages or files.

This article walks through how to use the Communicate Mobile App.

1. Download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Communicate is free to download.

2. Log in the the mobile app

  • (1) SIGN IN : This is what the Firm Clients and Third parties click to access their conversations
  • (2) SIGN IN WITH SMOKEBALL : This option is for Smokeball Users. You would need to enter your existing Smokeball user name (email) and password.
  • Once logged in, you can update your security settings for logging in for future experiences.

3. Select the three lines on the top left on the Communicate App to access any conversations.

  • Select the conversation you want to review.

4. Review any messages or reply to messages using the chat at the bottom of the app.

  • You can take a picture with your phone or upload anything from your phone's library as well.

5. Select any file(s) to access a preview or add additional comments to any file(s).

6. When not using the Communicate App, notifications will be sent to your screen and through a red number on the application.


  • Communicate notifications can also be viewed from your phone's locked screen

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