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Smokeball's calendar syncs directly with Outlook. Every event created in Outlook will appear in Smokeball and every event entered in Smokeball will appear in Outlook. Smokeball also will add calendar events to Activity Intelligence. The best practice is to create calendar events from a specific matter. Each matter has an Events tab that includes previous and upcoming events in relation to a specific matter.

You can create events on the Smokeball desktop app or Smokeball Boost.

Smokeball Desktop App Smokeball Web App

Smokeball Desktop App

Creating a calendar event in the Smokeball desktop app is very similar to Outlook where you can enter location, time, reminders, comments, etc. Simply click on the Event button on the Matter Action Bar.

Set Reminders

You can also add multiple reminders for one or more users. The reminder will come through in a separate window to the main Smokeball application where users will be able to snooze or dismiss them.

You can also create calendar events from the Home Screen Action Bar, but make sure you assign an appropriate matter (if applicable)

  • You can check for any reminders by clicking on the bell icon on Smokeball Home Screen.

Create from Critical Dates

On various layouts in Smokeball where you enter Critical Dates, there will also be a Create Events or Update Events button.

Clicking on this button will allow you to create events and any selected calendars right from here. 

You may find a Group Calendar useful to add events to, such as Court Dates or Settlements.

Learn how to create a Group Calendar.

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