Creating a Lead

Creating a Lead in Smokeball is similar to creating a new matter. 

  • Navigate to the New Lead button,  available in the top left of the Smokeball homepage. 

Once selected, users will have the ability to quickly add the lead details into the one screen before creating it. This will mean that they will be able to start taking notes and record the key information immediately while on the phone.  

The New lead screen includes the ability to: 

  1. Create new or select existing contact details

  2. Assign the type of lead (similar to select of a new matter type - with a bonus to start typing and we will find it for you!)

  3. Assign the person responsible for the lead 

  4. Assign the referrer and referral type 

  5. Record the financial details of the billing type and quote provided 

  6. Record any notes into a memo  

7. Create Lead to create the Lead and move on to something else

8. Create & Open to open up the Lead and continue to work on it

See Working in a Lead

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