Email Basics and Outlook

Smokeball's integration with Outlook is one of the most important features. When you start an email chain from Smokeball, emails are saved automatically to the appropriate matter. If you receive and email in Outlook, it is easy and quick to assign the email and any attachments to the appropriate matter. Once all emails are saved in Smokeball, it is easy to manage, review, and find exactly what you are looking for from the email tab in a matter.

How to Email from Smokeball

How to save emails and attachments from Outlook

Send email from Smokeball:

  1. From a matter action bar, select the Email button. 

Appropriate parties associated with a matter will be available to email. Note: If an email is not showing up and the party is part of an organisation, hover over a contact in matter details and select the pencil to make sure they are added.

2. Compose the body of your email, attach files from Smokeball, and send

3. Email will be saved to Smokeball.

  • All responses will automatically be saved to Smokeball as well.
  • You can manage and review emails from the email tab in a matter. It is very similar to having an individual mailbox for each Matter.

Save emails from Outlook:

Saving an individual email or attachment only

  1. Right click on the attachment and choose to save just the selected attachment to the matter or save all attachments
  2. Type client name to assign email to your matter OR
  3. Click on Browse to select a matter from the matter list

Saving multiple emails

  1. Select multiple emails by holding "Ctrl" or "Shift" on your keyboard. Note: Depending on how many emails you are saving and attachments, there may be a delay in all emails appearing in Smokeball
  2. Right click and select save to Smokeball
  3. Search or browse for a matter
  4. Choose which attachments to save
  5. Select OK
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