How to preview a document in a matter

You can Preview a Document from your Matter Document list in 2 ways.

1.  Small view widget

2.  Enlarged view

Small view widget

If you don't already have the File Preview Widget on the right side of your document list, you can select it as follows:

1. Click on the '...' at the bottom right corner of your matter screen

  • Check File Preview (you can check & uncheck to change any of the widgets you see in your matter here)
TIP: Clicking on the 3 lines to the left of the widget and dragging it up or down will re-order your widgets

Simply select a document in the list with a single click and it will appear in the File Preview widget.

2. Enlarged view

  • When a document is selected in the list, click on the eye symbol to the top right of the document list


  • Right click on a document and select Preview

  • To close the large preview, click on the close symbol in the top right corner of the view
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