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Creating a new matter

To create a new Care and Protection -Children's Representative matter, follow the steps below. 

Select Care and Protection > "Care and Protection - Children's Representative" and click on 'Next.'

Add Children that you represent

1. Enter the details for the relevant child that you are representing, including going to the Advanced view and entering the Additional Details, including Birth Date. Next, enter the relevant Details for that child, including the Type of Lawyer and KiDS number.

2. If you need to add additional children that you represent,  right-click on the name of the first child and select Add Child > Same Solicitor. Then add their details as you would for the first child. 


Add Children that you don't represent

Ensure that for any Child/ren that you do not represent, that you add in their details under "Other Child" and make sure that you enter their solicitor's details. 


Enter the Other Parties

1. Enter the parties' details. For each party, after entering the Name and Contact Details, click on the Advanced view and enter the Additional Details, including Birth Date, and Language of Interpreter (if applicable).  To add an additional "Other Party", right-click on the name of the first 'Other Party' and select Add Other Party > Same Solicitor/Different Solicitor. 

2. Next, Click on Details and select the Relationship role of each party, and Court Role.

3. Enter the details for the other relevant parties in your matter, including the Department of Communities and Justice. 

Entering the Case Details 

Enter the Case Details, including the Case Number. You can go back later and enter further details as applicable, including Establishment Date


Adding Additional Contacts

  1. To add further Contacts to your matter such as an Non Government Organisation or Barrister, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate Contact.
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  2. You will then be able to enter the contact details for that additional contact.  

Change a General Matter to a Care and Protection - Children's Representative Matter 

To change an existing General matter to a "Care and Protection - Children's Representative" matter, Double-Click on 'Matter Type', enter the Reason For Change, select change, select "Care and Protection - Children's Representative", then press OK.
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