NSW - Will

To create a new Will (NSW) matter, follow the steps below

1. Select NSW > Will Next

2. Go to Matter Info and ensure you select the Person Responsible and Person Assisting (if applicable) for your Matter. You should also record any relevant Referral information here.

NOTE: If you are completing mirrored Wills, or Wills for a couple - you MUST enter your clients in separately. The automation will not work as intended if you enter the Clients on only one Contact Card. 

3. Next, enter your first Client Contact Card, including Street Address, Birth Date and Occupation (located on Additional Details tab).

4.  Open the Will Details layout and enter in the Executor/s and corresponding Relationship/s for each party. Please also remember to add the Street Address for each Executor to get the most out of your automated Will precedent.

5. You can also add any Substitute Executor/s, Guardian/s of a Minor and Substitute Guardian/s of a Minor in the Will Details layout. 

Second Client

6. To add a second Client to complete a mirrored/couple Will:

     A. Right-click on the first Client

     B. Select "Add Client"

     C. Select "Same Solicitor"

7. Enter the details for the second Client (you may skip these next steps, if you are not completing mirrored/couple Wills). Please record the Address, Occupation and Birth Date for your second client (click on Advanced View to add Additional Details)


8.  A new Will Details layout will appear for the second Client information to be added.

9. Enter the Executor/s, Substitute Executor/s, Guardian/s of a Minor and Substitute Guardian/s of a Minor for your second Client.

You are now ready to begin generating your Will precedent in the Smokeball Precedent Library!

Safe Custody Register

Once your Client/s have duly executed their Will/s, you may store these original documents in your Safe Custody. Follow these steps to keep a record of this in Smokeball.

11. Open the Contact Card for the Client whose Will you have stored in your Safe Custody and navigate to the Safe Custody Register tab.

12. If you have an existing Packet for your Client and you are adding the physical copy of their Will to this same Packet in your Safe Custody, simply navigate to the existing Packet in the list and click the 'New Document' button to enter in the relevant details of the Will.

13. If you need to make a new Packet for your Client, select the New Packet button and enter the details of the new Packet, followed by selecting the New Document button and entering in the relevant details of the Will.

Close your Matter

10. Once your matter is completed and all Trust Balances and Invoices have been settled, do not forget to close your Matter by going to the Matter Info layout and changing Status to Closed.

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