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For expenses that you are paying from your Office account and passing on the amount as an expense to your client on an invoice, you can now create the Office cheque right from the Expense in Smokeball Billing and have that payment sync over to your linked Xero or MYOB account.

This will eliminate the need to enter the payment in Xero or MYOB and again in Smokeball as an expense to pass onto the client.

To use Office Payments, you first need to turn on the functionality in Billing Settings, and then set the Account for Xero or MYOB payments to flow to.

Office Payment Cheque Printing Setting

To turn on Office Payment Cheque Printing:

  • Go to Firm Settings > Accounts > Trust & Office Payments Cheque tab
  • Tick the Activate office Payment Cheque Printing option
  • Click the Save button

Xero Integration

To send a real time journal entry to Xero or MYOB office account once an office payment cheque is printed:

  • Select the appropriate account under Office Payments (Must be an Expense account)
  • Click the Save button

MYOB Integration:

To send a real-time journal entry to Xero or MYOB office account once an office payment cheque is printed:

  • Select the appropriate account under Client Cost Liability Account (Must be a Liability account)
  • Click the Save button

After the once off setup is complete, you can now:

Create an Office Payment Cheque 

Whilst creating a new expense, or after opening an existing expense, you can print an Office Payment cheque immediately, manually or later 

  • Check the Print Cheque option at the bottom of the Expense Details window

  • Once the checkbox is ticked, the user can then select who the office payment cheque is made out to via the Paid To field
  • The Printing Method option will allow the user to:
    • Print Now: The Cheque and Reference is automatically generated as once the user Updates/Saves the expense, the Print Cheques modal will appear where they can finalise the printing of the Office Payment Cheque.
    • Print Later: The Cheque is sent to the print queue to be printed later. Once the cheque is printed at a later date, the Reference is automatically generated.
    • Print Manually: The user manually writes up their cheque and enters the Reference on the expense manually.

Office Payment Cheque List

You can view all of the Office Payment cheques under Accounts > Office Payments list

From here you can Print Cheques  or Click on each entry to view details with the option to Reverse

Clicking on the listed cheque item will open the Cheque Details for further information.

You can also reverse the cheque from this screen by clicking on the Reverse link at the bottom of the modal.

Print Office Cheques

When the user is ready to print any of the Office Payment cheques that they selected to Print Later as their Printing Method, they can do so by:

  • Navigate to Accounts > Office Payments
  • Click the Print Cheques button
  • Tick the cheques you want to print
  • Select the Process button
  • The cheque PDFs will now be generated

Important to Note

Expenses that have an office payment cheque attached to them cannot be deleted and edits are limited.

Only the staff, activity, subject, description, billable, and write off fields can be modified.

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