Profitability by matter and fee earner

Firm Insights is your home for several important business intelligence reports. Besides Dashboards, you can easily access reports that help you understand the profitability of your practice.

Profitability by Matter shows you overall profitability based off activity performed over a specific period of time. Profitability by Fee Earner helps you understand profitability by each individual user. Firm Insights is only accessible by the firm owner.


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Access Firm Insights

To access Firm Insights, select the "Firm Insights" tab from the Smokeball Home Screen.

Profitability by Matter

  1. You can filter the Profitability by Matter report by date, area of law, staff, or billing type. This report is extremely helpful in looking at the profitability across all matters, area of law, or even billing type.
  2. Your list of matters based on the filters will update
  3. You can the information to a .CSV (Excel) file and manipulate further in Excel.

Profitability by Fee Earner

You can filter this report based on activities performed over a specific date range.

Did you know...

Each matter has a "Matter Insights" tab that shows you profitability for each individual matter

Watch the overview video below:

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