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Settlement Statement - Purchase/Sale - QLD

Where it is

State: QLD

Path: Conveyancing/Purchase/Pre Settlement and Conveyancing/Sale/Settlement

What it looks like

Where the data comes from

Calculation: Matter Info: Person Responsible initials: Matter number

Calculation: Purchaser's surname(s) obtained from Purchaser contact card(s) and Vendor's surname(s) obtained from Vendor contact card(s)

Property Details: Property Address

Conveyancing Details: Settlement Date

Settlement Financials: Adjustment Date automatically populates from Conveyancing Details: Settlement Date but can be manually overwritten

Conveyancing Details: Contract Date

Conveyancing Details: Settlement Details: Location

Conveyancing Details: Settlement Details: Time

Conveyancing Details: Purchase Price

Conveyancing Details: Deposit Total

Calculation: Purchase Price less Paid Deposit Amount

Settlement Financials: All Adjustment Items

Calculation: Total of all Purchaser and Vendor Adjustments in Settlement Financials plus Balance (11)

Settlement Financials: Cheques: Cheque Direction, all Vendor selected cheques
Calculation: Settlement Financials: Vendor Cheques Total Amount
Settlement Financials: Adjustments: Water Usage

Handy Hints

To remove an item from Settlement Financials hover over the entry with your mouse and click the Delete button

If the deposit does not display, ensure it has been selected as paid in Conveyancing Details
If GST applies to the purchase price select the GST Type in Conveyancing Details and complete the GST Amount 
If GST applies to adjustments, check Plus GST on each adjustment in Settlement Financials
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