Firm Billing Settings Overview


Smokeball has robust settings to help your firm's billing and administration. If you are new to Smokeball, make sure to configure the settings before using all the features.

This article provides a high-level overview of all the settings in the Smokeball Web App. Some features require additional configuration covered in additional articles.

How to access Firm Settings

  1. Open the Smokeball Web App and select the gear icon on the top-right corner.
  2. Select Firm Settings.


Types of Firm Settings

  • Firm Details: Basic information of your firm, including firm name, contact numbers, and addresses. This information is used to automatically fill in the fields used in email templates.
  • Staff & Users: Add new users and edit the information of existing users in your firm, such as the default billing rate. 
  • Matter Number: Set up, review or edit your firm's automatic matter numbering format. 
  • Time & Activities: Change your billing units or set up activity codes. Activity codes help you save time entering individual line items into invoices by pre-filling information. Learn more about Activity Codes.
  • Rate Sets: Set up a schedule to manage rate increases for your staff. Learn more about Rate Sets.
  • Invoice Settings: Set up your invoice layout including adding your firm logo, font and layout preferences, default payment due dates, and all the options you want to appear on your invoices. You can also create Invoice Templates for different areas of law or billing typesLearn more about Invoice settings and Invoice Templates.
  • Email Templates: Review and edit any email templates in Smokeball, including templates used for Invoices, Invoice Reminders, and Evergreen Retainers. Learn more about Evergreen Retainers and Set up Invoice Reminders.
  • VAT: Enter the VAT rate applied to invoice items that contain VAT. If your firm is registered for VAT, make sure the Registered for VAT checkbox is selected.
  • Accounts: Set up your client and office account details, and configure settings for payment receipts, cheque printing, evergreen retainer , transaction numbering, and adjusting the numbering of client account transactions.
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