Edit billing email templates

Streamline your firm's billing process by utilising the email template provided by Smokeball. By default, Smokeball will include your firm’s logo at the top of the email, provide a link to view the invoice, and is designed to render well in popular email clients such as Gmail and Outlook.

You can change the subject line and body text of the invoice, invoice reminder, and evergreen retainer emails sent from Smokeball. 

To edit email templates:

  1. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner, then select Firm Settings.

  2. Select Email Templates from the left menu.
  3. Select the Invoices, Invoice Reminders, Evergreen Retainers or Deposit Requests tab to edit a template.

  4. Edit the subject and body of each template using the provided text boxes. 
    • You can also insert additional placeholders using the dropdown menus. 

  5. Select the Save button to finalise your changes. 


Did you know

  • Use the Send a Copy of the Email to the User toggle to generate a copy of the message for your email.
  • Use the Notes textbox to add additional instructions for your Invoice Reminders. 
  • Selecting the Show an Account Summary on the Invoice toggle under Invoice Reminders will also give you the option to display the transaction history for each account. 


Learn more about sending out invoices, invoice reminders and evergreen retainer requests.

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