Customise Invoice Templates


Customise invoices by creating invoice templates.

Apply different invoice styles for different practice areas and billing types using templates. You can edit or change invoice settings at any time and create as many templates as you like.

How to set up Invoice Settings and Invoice Templates

1. Select the gear icon on the top right, then select Firm Settings.

2. Navigate to Invoice Settings from the left panel.

3. Select Add New and type in the name of your new invoice template.


Customise your invoice template

Start from the Your logo section and work your way down the page, then Save the page before moving on to the next tab.

We provide a sample invoice on the right side of the screen, which updates any time you change a setting.

Basic tab

In the Basic tab, you can edit the following:

  • Invoice logo
  • Firm name font and font size
  • Heading font
  • Body font
  • Firm details (this field appears under the invoice logo)
  • Letterhead layout
  • Page margins
  • Grid styles - how line items show in the invoice

Remember to select Save before moving to the next tab.

PDF Invoices tab

In this tab, you can edit the following:

  • Show payment terms - enter how many days after the invoice date that payment is due
  • Change the invoice number to start from
  • Choose the information fields that the invoice title and subtitle should draw from
  • Display time and fee entries in the invoice
  • Widen the text wrapping for invoice descriptions - select Show Amount and Tax Per Line Item
  • List cost recovery entries on an invoice or use a single-line summary
  • Add a field for Interest/Surcharge
  • Include or exclude non-billable items
  • Add notes to the bottom of the invoice - use this section to add bank account information
  • Add an image of your signature to the end of the invoice

For best results, use a transparent .png image that is cropped to the size of the signature.


  • Display balances and summaries
    • Show Prior Balances
    • Show Invoice Summary
    • Show Professional Fee Summary
    • Show Account Summary
    • Show description for entries
  • Include PDF attachments sent alongside the invoice

Remember to select Save before moving to the next tab.

Apply an invoice template to a matter

To change the Invoice Template on any matter:

  1. Navigate to the matter, then select Edit Matter.
  2. Select Invoice Settings from the Quick Links panel on the left menu.
  3. Under Invoice Settings, select the invoice template from the drop-down menu. The invoice title, subtitle, and notes fields will update based on the template's settings. You can change them here without affecting the original template.
  4. Select Save Matter at the bottom of the screen.
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