Smokeball Communicate Client Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Communicate Client Portal features and functionality? This FAQ and troubleshooting guide may help answer your queries.

Files sent via the Communicate Client Portal

Is an attached file in the client portal a copy or a link to the original file in the matter?

The file is copied from Smokeball to the client portal system. If you update the original file in Smokeball, the changes will not update in the client portal.


Communicate Client Portal Conversations

Can I send messages in a foreign language?

Yes - we do not alter the message in any way.

Can clients see if I have read their messages?

No - this is intended behavior based on feedback that internal staff members do not wish for clients and external users to see read receipts (the initials of who read the message).


Using the Communicate Client Portal

Why does my client need an email address when using the SMS option?

An email address is needed from the client in order to create them in our system. An email address is also needed for Multi-Factor Authentication, new message notifications, and to access the client portal mobile app.

What is the file upload limit?

The total file size limit is 100MB on the Communicate Client Portal App or via the Web Portal.

What is the maximum number of files that can be sent at one time?

130 is the maximum number of files that can be sent at one time.

Can a Firm Admin access all Communicate Client Portal messages?

The Communicate Client Portal does not have explicit user permissions. Any user can use the search functionality to find information in any conversation EXCEPT direct messages, which are private and honor Smokeball matter permissions.

Therefore if a matter is restricted to certain lawyers in a firm then other lawyers will not have access to that conversation (internally or externally).

If a client cancels with us, can they still view the documents we sent them?

The (ex) client should still have access to the conversation and documents, but the lawyers and staff from your firm will be removed from the conversation.

Are conversations in the Communicate Client Portal permanently stored on Smokeball servers?

Yes - we never delete any conversation.

If a client sends a Communicate Client Portal message, what emails will be sent?

If a message is sent in the client portal for a new conversation, then a welcome email will be sent to each client in the conversation.

If a subsequent message is sent in the same conversation, an email is sent to all clients who have not looked at that message in the Communicate Client Portal within 15 minutes.


Downloading messages

How do I export a conversation into a PDF?

It is not possible to export conversations into a PDF, but they can be exported into a CSV format. This can be opened in Excel and saved as a PDF.

  1. Open the matter, then navigate to the Messages tab.
  2. Select the three dots in the top-right corner of the conversation. 
  3. Select Export Conversation To Matter.
  4. Navigate to the Matter tab and find the exported conversation in the Documents section.


Communicate Client Portal SMS

What is the SMS sender ID and is it unique to the organization or Smokeball? 

The SMS sender ID is unique to Smokeball, displayed in a number format.

What is the SMS provider we use?

We use Twilio.

If a client sends a message in the Communicate Client Portal as an SMS does it also send the message via the Client Portal?

Yes, you will be able to see the SMS in Communicate.

Can I send an international client an SMS from the Communicate Client Portal?

No - we cannot guarantee that SMS will be sent to international numbers, therefore this feature is unavailable in Communicate.

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