Communicate Client Portal troubleshooting guide

I am unable to send a file.

If you experience errors sending a file in the Communicate Client Portal, make sure that your file name does not contain any of the following special characters: < > : " / \ | ? *

I can't manage participants for external conversations from the Messages tab in Smokeball.

This is intended behavior. To manage participants in external conversations, do this from the Communicate tab within the matter.

My version of the Communicate Client Portal will not update.

If you're experiencing issues with updating the Communicate Client Portal, first log out of Smokeball and log back in. Next, select Refresh from the top-left corner of the Messages tab.

My client is unable to move past the login stage on the Communicate Client Portal mobile app.

This may be caused by the phone settings preventing apps from opening browsers within the app. Open the following link on the mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome):

The user will be prompted to enter their email address, which will then send a Communicate email with a link to 'View Conversations'. This will launch the Communicate app and log them in automatically.

For Samsung S21 users:

Open Settings > Apps > Choose Default Apps > Opening links > Enable Open Links in Apps, then try to log in again.

The client's link to access a conversation has expired.

The client can go to and type in their email address to get a new link.

When I try to login in as a Smokeball user via Chrome I do not get the password option.

This may happen if you were a Smokeball firm's client and now you are a Smokeball user as well, but you are using the same device to log in.

To resolve this, clear your local storage on your browser:

Select the three dots icon or hold Ctrl+Shift+I to access developer tools.

Select the Application tab, then expand the Local Storage section. Right-click on the URL and select Clear.

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