Version 8.19 Release Notes

Version 8.19 of Smokeball features the following updates and bug fixes. Read on to learn more.


  • Improvements to Calendar 365 Sync
    • We have made server side fixes to improve stability and reliability.
    • We have added advanced logging to help with support issues. 
    • Fixed an issue causing 365 Calendar Sync to potentially remove meetings after they are accepted.
    • Fixed an issue causing Microsoft subscriptions to fail during renewal
  • Login Security Enhancement
    • Access to Smokeball is now restricted if the original Windows user account logs out.
    • Second users are required to log in to Smokeball again. 
    • Example: If Windows User A logs out, then Windows User B must replace Windows User A's Smokeball account info with their own to log in. 
    • If the secondary user opens Smokeball and does not log in, the original Windows user will be required to re-log into Smokeball the next time they re-log into Windows. 
    • These restrictions also apply to Word, Excel, Outlook, Send to Smokeball, Chrome Saver, and Print to Smokeball. These integrations will act as if "Switch User" was selected in Smokeball. 
  • Messaging Improvements
    • You can now select a specific folder to send or share with clients when sending a message through the Communicate Client Portal.
    • The Shared column in your matter's documents section will now display a warning symbol when reaching the maximum file limit for adding files to a folder which has been shared (130 files).
      • Hovering over the warning symbol will also display a "Shared limit reached" message.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where maximizing file preview caused all other matter widgets to hide.
  • Improved the stability of matter widgets. 


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