Activity Intelligence

*This feature is available exclusively to Smokeball Prosper users.

One of Smokeball's unique tools is the ability to keep track of every activity completed in Smokeball.

Activity Intelligence is similar to having an activity tracker like a fit bit or pedometer that helps you remember everything you are doing throughout the day including events, tasks, documents, emails, memos, and even matter administration.

Use this Activity Intelligence to prevent missing any potential billable time for Smokeball Billing and understand firm profitability in Firm Insights.

Smokeball users that use Activity Intelligence for Billing see an increase in profitability of 10-30%+ versus manual billing only.

If you need more information on how to use Activity Intelligence or Bill more efficiently with Smokeball, reach out to your Account Manager.

How Activity Intelligence Duration is Tracked:

Activity Type Description Billing Increments
Activity Use the activity button to manually add any activity that Smokeball does not automatically capture. Manual

Time will be automatically recorded when a user spends at least 30 seconds reviewing messages, sending messages, or reviewing a document in Communicate. 


When a user reviews a document, there will be an activity entry for both the Communicate time and Document review.

6 minutes
Document When Word, Excel, or PDF document is created, edited, or opened for review, the activity item will be created. 6 minutes

Email activity is captured from the preview pane or when a message is popped out in Outlook. Smokeball will also track email activity when reviewing emails in an email tab in a matter.


AutoTime users can choose to have these messages grouped by subject line or one entry for the matter that includes all emails.


Emails reviewed for a minimum of 10 seconds are recorded as activity. If an email is reviewed again within a 10-minute window, the accumulated time will be applied.

1 minute
Event Calendar events in Smokeball that occurred in the past are shown as activity items. Manual Entry of the Event Duration
File Preview Time is recorded is reviewing any file in File Preview for more than 30 seconds. All File Preview entries will be entered as a document. 6 minutes
Matter Administration Anytime the matter window is opened and data entry is performed in any field under Matter details, an activity will be created. 6 minutes
Memo When a new memo is saved to a matter, the activity item will be created. Manual Entry
Ring Central Phone Calls

Ring Central calls are recorded for incoming and outgoing calls for users using RingCentral integration. RingCentral calls will be logged as tasks in Activity Intelligence.


If a phone number is associated with a contact and matter, this task will automatically be added to the matter.


If the phone number is not associated, the call will still be logged. Users can assign the activity to a matter based on the caller ID information.

6 minutes
Task Task activities are created when a user completes a task. This happens whether the task is completed from the task list, daily digest, or mobile app. Manual Entry
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