Add or Edit Staff & Users

Staff & Users in Smokeball Settings allows you to add new users and edit the information of existing users in your firm

Staff & Users Overview

  • There are two ways to get to Smokeball Settings.

  • Under "staff & users" select "add new" and enter details.
    • Fill out the staff member's details and make sure you provide an email address. The email address provided will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the account
    • Once you enter in the details, click "enable access for this user"
    • Our team will be prompted to add the user to your firm and add a user for billing.
    • The user will receive an automated email to install and create a password for Smokeball. 
    • An automated message will be generated once install is complete and user added to billing.

  •  Each user has additional Billing settings.
    • At a minimum, make sure to enter in an hourly rate and estimated annual cost.
    • Estimated annual cost is used for profitability reporting. If you are unsure of the exact value, start with the salary plus ten percent.
    • AutoTime settings are also in the Billing tab of the user. Learn more about AutoTime Settings.

  • To edit an existing staff's details, double click any user.
    • If you need to remove a staff member, it is better to "disable access for the user" and follow the steps for adding a new user than edit/change the information of an existing staff member.
    • Learn how to Disable Access for Users.


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