Disable Access for Users/Former Staff

When a staff member leaves your firm, we want to ensure that your client information entered into Smokeball continues to be secure and not accessible by a former staff.

In a matter of a few clicks, you can set a staff member as "former staff" or disable access for them from your Smokeball account.

If you are replacing a user, it is still the best practice to disable access and set them as former staff and create a new user for your new staff.

Tasks, Calendar Events, etc. from the former staff can be manually moved to your new staff.

If you have any questions on how to disable access, please reach out to Software Support by submitting a ticket at support@smokeball.com

Disable Access and Set as Former Staff

  • There are two ways to get to Smokeball Settings from the home screen.

  • Double click on the user in Staff & Users settings.
    • Select select disable access.
    • User will be logged out of Smokeball on their devices and unable to log in.

  • Once you have created your new user, you can add them to Calendar Events and any Tasks.
    • The disabled user will be removed from Calendar Events and any Tasks for the former staff will be moved to "unassigned" and available for reassignment.

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