Managing Staff and User Permissions in Smokeball

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Ensure that your users have access to the information they need to perform their jobs while limiting more sensitive data to senior staff. The user permissions section allows you to determine the degree of activity and financial information available to your staff.  

User Permissions can only be set by Firm Owners. Non-firm owners will not be able to view or change user permissions. 

Types of User Permissions 

There are five types of user permissions: 

    • The Billing App permission gives full access to all billing resources and financial information (e.g., invoices) on the web app. It does not affect their access to the web app's productivity features (e.g., matters and tasks). 
    • The Hourly Rates permission displays a staff member's individual rates. 
    • The Time Entries permission displays a staff member's time entries. 
    • The Billing Widget permission toggles a widget which displays basic financial information on individual matters.
  • The Form Changes permission allows a staff member to modify documents in the Template Library. blobid0.png

Edit User Permissions 

  1. Select the File tab in Smokeball and then select Settings from the dropdown menu or select the cogwheel in the upper right-hand corner.  
  2. Select Staff & Users in the popup window and then select the Permissions button. 
  3. Select a user in the left-hand Name column to access their permissions.  
  4. Use the checkboxes in the five right-hand columns to edit the user’s access to the Billing App, Hourly Rates, Time Entries, Billing Widget, or Form Changes permissions. 
    • Choose different permission levels based on the information category or by colleague. 
  5. Select the Save & Close button in the lower right-hand corner to apply your changes. blobid1.png

Did You Know 

  • Full Billing access is the default setting for all users.  
  • Removing a user's Billing App permission will only hide their ability to see billing-related menu, items, and tabs. The app will indicate to a user when they are unable to access billing functionalities. The user will still be able to access the web app's productivity features.
  • Expenses will still be visible to all staff even if access to time entries is restricted. 


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