Tasks are a great way you or any staff in your firm never miss an important to-do.

Tasks can be assigned to specific staff members and given due dates, creating firm wide accountability.

If you have a series of tasks that repeat over and over every time you open a matter or work on a specific type of matter, you likely want to create a workflow. 

Workflows are a series of repetitive tasks that you can use to auto-assign Tasks based on an action or critical date. Learn more about Workflows.

Tasks Basics

  • From a matter or the home screen action bar, select the Task button.
    • Make sure if you are creating tasks from the home screen to assign an appropriate matter.

  • There are only a few required fields to create a simple task
    • Name of the Task: what you need to get done.
    • Assigned to: Select a staff member. You can assign a task to multiple people.
    • Due: Select a due date
    • Matter: the matter the task relevant for. If you are creating a task from a matter, the matter will be tagged by default.

  • Tasks have optional additional options.
    • Categories: You can create custom categories for your tasks. You can use these categories to organize your tasks in the Task View.
    • Reminders: Set reminder notifications for the task.
    • Details: Any specific notes you want to leave yourself about the task.
    • Duration: Add a estimated duration for AutoTime entries. Since you may not know how long the task will take, the best practice is often to leave this blank and manually enter appropriate time later.
    • Sub tasks: On the right side of a task, you can add a checklist of sub-tasks
    • Attach Documents: Link to a document from your existing Files or link to a Form & Template to allow for quick creation of a template.
    • Add Comments, View Task History: Attach any file from a matter, add status comments, and see the history of the task over time.

  • Select save to save the task. All tasks will appear in your Task tab of a matter
    • Use the filters on the left side to change what tasks you can view.

Did You Know

  • If you are using AutoTime, the user that completes the task will see the task appear on the entry.
  • Tasks can also be assigned to a matter other places in Smokeball.

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