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A Workflow is a series of tasks. 

Workflows help eliminate extra admin work by allowing you to automatically designate tasks that happen for every matter.

The best way to think about how workflows can help your practice is to think about what areas of your current process are repetitive. If you are completing the same "to-do's" for every client or specific matter type, then it's best to set up a workflow. 

Talk to your Account Manager or review sample workflows in the Area of Law Practice Center for suggestions on what workflows to use for your practice.

 How to Create a Workflow 

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of Smokeball or select File > Settings and then select Workflows.
  2. Select Add New to create a new Workflow.  

 Enter a name for the Workflow and designate the Matter Type(s) that you want the Workflow to be available for using the change... link. 

  • Select always apply this Workflow to new Matters for any Workflow that is widely used. This setting prevents you from having to re-apply the Workflow each time you want to use it. 


  • Enter the first Task associated with your Workflow by selecting the Task 1 button.
    • Workflows can be created in chronological order or working back from an important due date. 
    • Note: The Workflow below shows an example of working back from an important due date for filing a motion. 
  • It is best practice to first enter a Task name and due date  (if necessary, this date can be entered in when working on your matter) and then assign the Task to the intended staff member.  

All Tasks features discussed in the Tasks module apply to Workflows. The Checklists tab can be used to create sub-tasks. 

The Documents tab includes a Link to Form Template button which connects the Task with form templates or documents/memos associated with a matter. 

Optional: You can fill out the Categories,  Details, and estimated Duration fields.

  • Categories can be used to indicate the type of work the Task entails (e.g., drafting or discovery).
  • The Details field can be used for additional instructions, and you can use the Duration field if you want to set an estimate for how long it will take to complete the task. 

Add additional Tasks to the Workflow by selecting the New Task button and repeating the steps above for each new Task. Once all Tasks have been entered, select Save and Close to complete the Workflow. 

Note: You  can create due dates based on when a previous Task is completed or off of a critical date associated with the matter type you linked to the Workflow.

How to Apply a Workflow to an Existing matter

  1. Select the Tasks tab from within your matter.
  2. Select the Apply Workflow button.
  3. Review the available Workflows for the matter type, select the one you wish to apply and then select Next. Review the Tasks in the Confirm Workflow window and then select Done.
  4. The applied Workflow will then appear in the matter's Tasks window.

Additional Tips 

You can reorder the Tasks in a Workflow by selecting an individual Task and using the up/down arrows on the left side of the Edit Workflow window. 

You can duplicate, delete, and export a Workflow by right-clicking on the individual Workflow in Smokeball Settings. 

If a a Workflow is deleted, it can be restored. Right-click on the Workflows window in Smokeball Settings to enable the Show Deleted option.  

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