Next Step

Next Step is used to track the next task coming up for your matter.

It's a quick way to enter a task and ensure you are never miss an important step for your client. 

Make sure every one of you matters has a next step.

You can select an existing task or create a task from a next step widget. Learn more about Tasks.

Next Step Basics

  • In any Matter, you will find the Next Step Widget.
    • If you do not see the Next Step Widget, select the "..." at the bottom right of the matter to add it to your Widgets.
    • Matter Widgets are helpful organizational productivity tools. Learn more about Matter Widgets.

  • To create a next step, 
    • Select an existing Task.
    • If there is no existing Tasks,
      • Enter task (to-do) in the dialog box
      • Select a due date
      • Assign the task to a staff member
  • Select Save

  • A column for “Next steps due on” for all your matters appears on the Smokeball Home Screen Matter Area.

  • You can run the report “Matter – Next Steps” in the Reports area for a breakdown of all Next Step details, including client, matter type, and staff member assigned.

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