Next Step

Next Step is used to track the next task coming up for your matter.

It's a quick way to enter a task and ensure you are never miss an important step for your client, and we recommend that every one of your matters has a next step. 

You can select an existing task or create a task from a next step widget.

Next Step Basics

You will find the Next Step widget in any matter. If you do not see the Next Step Widget, select the ... at the bottom right of the matter to add it.

To create a next step: 

  1. Select an existing Task
    • If there is no existing Tasks, enter one in the dialog box
  2. Select a due date
  3. Assign the task to a staff member
  4. Select Save

A column for Next steps due on for all your matters appears on the Smokeball Matters View. 

You can run the report “Matter – Next Steps” in the Reports area for a breakdown of all Next Step details, including client, matter type, and staff member assigned.

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