Use the Global Task List

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Tasks are a great way you or any staff in your firm never miss an important to-do.

The Tasks View allows you to see all your tasks and/or all tasks for your firm. You can also see previously completed tasks or any tasks that haven't been assigned a due date.

If desired, you can sort tasks by categories to narrow down what needs to be done. 

Note: All phone messages are tasks. If you want to see phone messages in a list or previously completed messages, look at the task view.

Access the Tasks View

Select Tasks on your home screen. 

The task view will default to showing your Today's Tasks.

  • Use the default views, which are now broken down by date ranges, to see what you have due now and later.
  • Each view includes a count of how many tasks are in that view

Create Custom Task Views

You now have the ability to create your own custom views and save them for continued use. These views will be listed in the My Views section and are personal to each user.

To create a new view you can simply click on the plus button under the “My views” section. 

This will open the fly out menu for you to set the criteria. 

Once your criteria are set you have two options.

  1. You can click select Add to my views to save this view set for future use.
  2. Or if you just want to see the list without saving, you can click Apply view to see this set of tasks in the list.

If you choose to save the view you will be prompted to type in a name for the view.

Note: Each user can save up to 10 views in the My Views section. 

You can also edit the view that they have saved by clicking on the arrow to expand the flyout window.

  1. If a change is made to the criteria and not saved, you will notice a red dot over the expand arrow to alert you that the criteria has been temporarily altered from the saved view.
    • To save the changes, select Save View.
  2.  If you wish to clear the changes, you can do so by expanding the fly out and selecting Clear Changes.

You can apply a custom view filter to display tasks by their creator.

    1. Select Add new view.
    2. Use the Creator dropdown menu and select the staff member(s) to view the tasks they created.
      • You can choose a single staff member or multiple staff members using the checkboxes in the Builder menu. 
    3. Select Apply View to see the created tasks on the right-hand pane.
      • You can also choose to save the filter by selecting the Add To My Views button.


Additional Notes and Task Features

  • The Assignee filter is a global filter and will apply changes to both the default and saved views
  • Tasks are searchable. When searching for Tasks, the best practice is to search for the Task name.

You can create additional Tasks by using the Task Button from the Action Bar or Quick Task Bar

  • Quick Tasks only include the Name of the task. Once you create a Quick Task, you can edit and use any of the Task features.
  • Make sure you assign a matter to any matter related tasks.

You can customize and sort your columns in the list.

    1.  Select the column headers to sort your tasks by the column.
    2.  Right click to add or remove column headers.

Did You Know

You can export individual staff tasks or all staff tasks from the task area to a CSV file.

To see tasks related to only one individual matter. Within a matter, click on the task tab.


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