Firm Insights & Reporting Overview

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Smokeball's purpose is to help with the business side of running a law firm.

Smokeball has powerful, but easy-to-use, Reporting, and Firm Insights to help you with running the day-to-day of your firm to profitability reporting.

Use Firm Insights and Reports to stay in control of your practice or take your practice to the next level.

If you find a report is missing, but Smokeball has the basic information available to create the report, reach out to your Account Manager. Our staff will work with our developers to see if we can provide you with a custom report with the information you need.

Firm Insights & Smokeball Reports

  • Smokeball has powerful reporting in a variety of places. You can access Firm Insights and Reports from the home screen. Smokeball also has Billing Reports that are available in Smokeball Billing.
    • Smokeball Reports will be available to the entire firm
    • Firm Insights will be hidden and only available to users that you designate.
    • If you do not see Firm Insights or need to add access to anyone in your firm, reach out to your Account Manager or submit a ticket.

Types of Firm Insights and Reporting

Firm Insights Dashboards

Dashboard Reporting gives a high-level view of the firm's business trends. Whether you want to see how many matters you opened month over month (or year over year) or understand where your referrals and matters are coming from. Dashboards in Firm Insights have the reporting for you. Learn more about Firm Insights Dashboards.


Firm Insights By Matter

Firm Insights by Matter will give you estimated profitability reporting on all matters individually. Use the filters to sort by attorney or billing type to see where you are losing potential profit.


If you find yourself asking the following questions, Smokeball can help.

  • Is there more time that could have been billed?
  • Are we discounting on invoices too often?
  • Are we not collecting enough?


Learn more about Firm Insights by Matter.


Firm Insights by Matter Type

Firm Insights by Matter Type is similar to Firm Insights by Matter except it gives you a high-level view into how different areas of law you practice are performing.


If you find yourself asking the following questions, Smokeball can help.

  • What areas of law or matter types perform the best?
  • What areas of law or matter types are underperforming?
  • Where am I losing potential profit? Where am I most profitable?


Learn more about Firm Insights by Matter Type.



Firm Insights by Fee Earner/Staff

Firm Insights by Fee Earner/Staff allows you to see the estimated profitability of your staff. Use Firm Insights by Fee Earner/Staff to see where staff members can improve performance.


If you find yourself asking the following questions, Smokeball can help.

  • Where is a staff member underperforming? Not capturing enough time? Discounting on Invoices? Not collecting from their clients?
  • How does staff member "A" compare to staff member "B" in performance?
  • Which staff member brings in the most billable time? Which staff member is potentially costing the firm profit because of lack of productivity?


Learn more about Firm Insights by Fee Earner/Staff.


Smokeball Reports

Smokeball Reports has some basic reporting to help with firm productivity. Need a full client list, an overview of all matters with Next Steps/Calendar Events coming up, etc., check out Smokeball Reports. 


Smokeball has powerful Real Estate reporting in Smokeball reports from Realtor information to upcoming closings. Learn more about Smokeball Reports.


Billing Reports

Smokeball Billing has any report you need at any point in your billing cycle. From basic billing reports on accounts, time & fees, overdue invoices to allocating staff income bonuses for matters, Smokeball Billing Reports have you covered. Learn more about Smokeball Billing Reports.


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