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Civil Appeal Case Details

Civil Appeal Workflow

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Civil Appeal Case Details

When a Civil case goes to appeals, there are many different dates that need to be kept track of, and the process is quite different. Smokeball has a special Appeals section that has a Civil Appeal matter type that you can use when you represent the Appellant, Appellee or Amicus Curiae. The case details will look like this:

Civil Appeal Workflow

Items in Red are critical dates from the matter that still need to be added as options in the workflow settings.

  1. Draft Appellate brief and prepare Oral Argument – ON MATTER OPENING
  2. File Notice of Appeal – Notice of Appeal Due Date
  3. Serve Notice of Appeal – 7 Days after Notice of Appeal Filed Date
  4. File Docketing Statement – Docketing Statement Due Date
  5. Prepare Record on Appeal – ON MATTER OPENING
  6. File Record on Appeal – Record on Appeal Due Date
  7. First Brief Filed – Appellant’s Brief Due Date
  8. Apellee’s Brief Due – 35 Days after Appellant Brief Filed Date
  9. Appellant Reply Brief Due – 14 Days after Appellee’s Brief Filed Date

Example Civil Appeal Matter Tags

Tags for:

which court the appeal is in:

  1. District Appellate Court
  2. State Supreme Court
  3. U.S Supreme Court

 information on the case:

  1. No Oral Argument
  2. Appeal filed


  1. Remanded
  2. Reversed
  3. Affirmed

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