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Smokeball's calendar syncs directly with Outlook.

Every event created in Outlook will appear in Smokeball, and every event entered in Smokeball will appear in Outlook.

Smokeball also will add calendar events to Activity. The best practice is to create calendar events from a specific matter.

If you are using Outlook as your primary calendar, jump ahead to Use Outlook As Your Primary Calendar for suggested best practices.

Create a calendar event

To create a calendar event in Smokeball:

  1. Select the Event button from your matter’s action bar.
  2. Complete all of the fields in the New Event window. We recommend starting at the top and working your way down to enter a subject, location, and time. You can also add attendees and comments in this window. 

Optional: If you have enabled Smokeball’s Zoom integration, you can set up a Zoom meeting by selecting the Use Zoom checkbox. 

Communicate and calendars

You can also invite clients to events through Communicate by using the Parties dropdown menu. Learn more about using Communicate for calendar events.

Track your calendar events 

  • Each matter has an Events tab that includes previous and upcoming events in relation to a specific matter

  • To see your calendar events for all matters, go to the Calendar view on the home screen. You can filter calendar events by day, work week, week, and month using the buttons in the upper right corner of the calendar. You can also choose to view calendar events as a timeline.

  • You can create calendar events from the home screen.
    • Make sure you assign the event to the appropriate matter (if applicable).

Using Outlook as your Primary Calendar

Your firm may use Outlook as their primary calendar based on familiarity or features Outlook provides that Smokeball does not. If your firm prefers Outlook, you should:

  • Review How Should I Calendar in Smokeball? or talk to your Account Manager about the best practice for your firm.
  • Tag the appropriate matter for any calendar event when creating the event in Outlook.
  • Keep in mind that all events created in Outlook will appear in Smokeball's Calendar.


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