How Should I Calendar in Smokeball?

Managing critical deadlines and your Calendar is vital to your firm's success. Smokeball's calendar syncs with Outlook. Any calendar event created in Smokeball can appear Outlook, and every event created in Outlook can appear in Smokeball.

Depending on your firm's calendar preferences, you may be using Outlook or Smokeball as your primary place of creating calendar events.

You will want to sync your Outlook calendar to Smokeball for every user regardless.

This article will give you some suggestions of how your firm could utilize Smokeball's integration with Outlook based on your preference.

Even if you decide to use Outlook as your primary calendar, you will still enjoy the benefits of Smokeball's integration with Outlook.

If you are unsure what is best for you, talk with your Account Manager for the best calendar practices for your firm.

Smokeball Primary Calendar Users Outlook Primary Calendar Users
  • Previous system did not have a central calendar or strong way of managing deadlines
  • Users who prefer to create and review events all in the same place as their matters.
  • Users who want to use Smokeball's Mobile Application for managing their calendar. If a user does not use the desktop application of Outlook to manage their Calendar and relies on mobile use, this is a great option.
  • Users who do not have any shared or group calendars in Outlook they want to Sync. Smokeball's Calendar becomes your firm's shared calendar.
  • Users who have used Outlook's calendar and functionality extensively. 
  • Users who are comfortable with using Outlook's functionality and prefer to use Outlook's Calendar.
  • Users who already have Outlook's shared calendars, group calendars, etc. set up. You cannot add these calendars to Smokeball. 
  • Users who frequently print their calendar views.
  • Users who have custom categories for Calendar Events that they want to use.
  • Mobile users who love Outlook's Mobile Application.
  • Users who still create Critical Dates from advanced Matter functionality in Smokeball.

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