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Smokeball's calendar can sync directly with Outlook. Learn more about syncing Outlook with your calendar

Once the sync is set up, every event created in Outlook will appear in Smokeball and every event entered in Smokeball will appear in Outlook.

Depending on your firm's calendar preferences, you may be using Outlook or Smokeball as your primary place for creating calendar events.

You will want to sync your Outlook calendar to Smokeball for every user regardless. Talk with your Account Manager about the best practices of calendaring for your firm.

Calendar View Basics

From the home screen, select Calendar on the left side of your screen

From the Calendar:

  1. Use the filters on the left to add/remove any calendars from the view
  2. Double click to open any calendar event or double click in an available time area to Create a New Event
  3. Change your calendar view
  4. Search for Calendar Events. You can search by client name or the title of the Calendar Event.

You can use the Event button on the Action Bar to create events. Make sure to select an appropriate matter. The best practice is to create calendar events from the matter. 

The Action Bar also has a Print option.

It is possible to create group Calendars in Smokeball. Note: Group calendars cannot be synced with Outlook.

  1. Select Manage Calendars
  2. Select Create New Calendar
  3. Name the calendar, select a color, and save.

Did You Know

  • Each matter has an Events tab that helps manage previous and upcoming calendar events for individual matters

  • Calendar Events can be customized using labels. Note: Custom categories from Outlook are currently not available to sync with the Smokeball Calendar.

  • Some firms use Outlook as their primary calendar based on familiarity or the features Outlook provides that Smokeball does not. 
  • Review How Should I Calendar in Smokeball? or talk to your Account Manager about what the best practice will be for your firm.
  • If Smokeball's calendar doesn't have all the features you want to use, you may want to switch to using Outlook as your primary Calendar. You will still have all the benefits of Smokeball's Outlook Integration either way.
  • If you are using Outlook as your primary calendar, make sure to tag the appropriate matter for any calendar event when creating the event in Outlook.
  • All Events will appear in Smokeball's Calendar.

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