Create Shortcut in Forms and Templates Library

Smokeball has a robust library of Court & Authority forms. You can navigate or search for forms, but if you find yourself using a specific form frequently, create a shortcut.

Shortcuts can be put in multiple folders for quick access when generating Forms & Templates.

Create a Shortcut in Forms & Templates

  • Make sure you are in the desired folder and select "manage form shortcuts" in the Forms & Templates Library

  • Create a shortcut
    • (1) Find the folder or search for the specific form you want to create a shortcut for.
    • (2) Select specific form area or search
    • (3) Select the form you want to create a shortcut to
    • Note: You can drag and drop or select multiple forms at once.

  • Shortcuts to any Forms & Templates are denoted by the arrow next to the icon.

Did You Know

  • It is also possible to create a shortcut by holding down the right click and dragging and dropping a Form & Template to a desired location.
    • If you use this method, always select "create a shortcut."

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