New Requests for Forms or Changes to Existing Forms

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of Court & Authority forms. If cannot find a specific form, try searching for the form. 

Smokeball has a team of attorneys that are constantly updating and adding to the Forms & Templates Library

If there is an authority form not in Smokeball, or you find there is an authority form that needs to be updated contact your Account Manager or "Request a Form" in a support ticket.

Note: If you do not see any Court & Authority forms, update your settings and enable any appropriate forms in Smokeball Settings: Form Suites.

How to Request a New Form or Request Changes to a Form

  • In the Forms & Templates Library,  select "request a form."
    • To help our team respond quickly to your request, follow the instructions on what to include in your request.
    • If you are requesting a large quantity of Forms to be added, the best practice is to send the 10 most important forms at a given time.
    • When requesting a change: let us know what the changes are and why you are requesting the change

  • You can also submit a ticket by contacting your Account Manager or our Support. Our Content team will be in contact with you in regards to your request.


Q: Can I change the name of a form which I created?

A: Yes. Right-click on the form and select Rename to change the name. 


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