Add a field to an automated document

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Load information directly from Smokeball Matter Details into your templates with field insertions.

This feature allows you to enter information once in Smokeball and use it multiple times in your automated documents. You no longer need to copy and paste repetitive information into your templates.

How to Insert a Field into a Template

You can choose to create a new automated document or add automation fields to an existing document. To create a new automated document:

  1. In a matter, select the Forms & Templates button and then select Add a form/letter in the pop-up window..
    • Select the Create button. blobid1.png
  2. Select the language in the document where you would like to insert a field.
  3. Choose the appropriate field from the Automate main tab and Field sub-tab in the Smokeball toolbar.
    • In the sample screenshot below, the Client/Full Name(s) (All Parties) is the selected field.
  4. Double-click on the selected field to insert it into the document. 
  • If the exact same text appears in more than one place in your document, and if you would like to replace every instance of that text with the same automation field, right-click on the field in the Smokeball toolbar and select Insert & Replace All to replace all instances of the selected text with the selected field. 
    • Note: Be careful when using this feature. For example: If you are replacing "he," Insert & Replace all will change all words where the letters "he" appear, such as "the."
  • You can switch between showing the values and fields in your document by choosing Show values or Show fields in the Smokeball toolbar. 
    • Use Show fields if you have inserted the correct field but nothing appears in the document when using Show values. If the field appears under Show fields, double check the information entered into Matter Details.

Once any Field (or Ask) has been inserted, you can change the format by: 

    1. Clicking on or into the field (do not select with your mouse cursor; this will not open the formatting options).
    2. Selecting a format under the Format field menu in the Smokeball toolbar.
    3. Selecting apply format.

Did You Know

  • You can enable Microsoft Word’s field shading feature to view which words in your template are automated. Follow these steps:
    • Select File.
    • Select Options and then select Advanced.
    • Scroll down to Show Document Content and select Always under field shading.
    • Select the Ok button. 
    • The document will now show any inserted fields from automation. blobid5.png



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