Template Creation Basics

Creating Templates in Smokeball is a great way to get everything organized in one place, save time, and improve accuracy on every document.

Before Smokeball, you probably had to remember the last time you used a particular type of document, search for it in your client files and create a copy to edit. Now, once you create your template, you’ll be able to find it easily and use it across all matters.

As part of your onboarding process, Smokeball will automate some of your templates for you. We will also teach you how to automate your own documents.

Automating can be an intimidating process, but Smokeball Trainers will get you automating in no time.

This article walks through how to quickly add any template to Smokeball. Review the additional articles on Automation to see how you can quickly automate documents.

How to Create a Template in Smokeball

  • In your open matter, click the Forms & Templates button in the Action Bar.
    • Navigate to the folder you want to add your template to and select "add a form/letter."

  • Follow the prompts and add your document.
    • (1) Click "browse for an existing document" if uploading an existing document or create a new template from a blank document.
      • Note: You can upload a PDF or Excel document into the form and template library. You'll need to change the view on the bottom right of the screen to have those files visible. You cannot automate PDFs or Excel Documents.
    • (2) Name the document
    • (3) Choose a container type from the Container dropdown menu and change location (if applicable). Containers are a great way to use your letter head or caption header to save time automating documents in the future.
    • (4) Select create.

  • Use Smokeball's Automation Toolbar in Word to create your template.

  • Once you have made any changes, select "save & close" to save your template.

  • The template will be available to use in your Forms & Templates Library.
    • To make changes to the template, right click and select "modify"

Did You Know

  •  If you find yourself generating a document outside of Smokeball, create a quick template for easier access from the Forms/Templates Library.
    • You can create a quick template from Word on the Smokeball Ribbon.

  • To add a PDF or Excel file, you may need to select the dropdown menu when browsing your computer. PDF and Excel Files will not be able to be automated, but you can open and save changes directly to a matter utilizing this feature.

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