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To create a new Building Contract matter, follow the steps below:

  1. Click New Matter from the Home Screen
  2. Select State: NSW
  3. Select Matter Category: Conveyancing 
  4. Select Matter Type: Building Contract
  5. Click Create
  6. Enter the parties, including all relevant details. To add an additional party, such as the Owner, right click on the Owner and select Add Owner. 


  1. Select Licence Details to enter the Builder Licence Details. 

  2. Select Details under Mortgagees Contact to enter the Mortgage Details. 

  3. Select Property Details to enter the Property Information and enter the Address and Title Particulars.


  4. If there is more than one property, you may enter additional Properties by right-clicking on the first Property Details layout and selecting "Duplicate Property Details"

  1. To add Uncommon Contacts to your matter, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate contact from the Parties & Data available for your matter. You can add details for the following uncommon contacts:
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Accountant
    • Previous Solicitor
    • Additional Contact
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