Working in a lead

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Smokeball provides a simple way for firms to keep track of Leads in Smokeball. Leads are included in Smokeball Prosper+, and available as an add-on for Smokeball Grow.

You will get much of the similar functionality of a matter but also get the benefit of being able to report on leads. 

By having the ability to see active matters and possible new business, you get greater visibility, improved workload management, and the ability to identify new business activities. 

Learn how to create your first lead.

What's the difference between leads and matters?

Leads and Matters function similarly to one another, with a few differences to note: 

  • The header bar colour and icon in Leads are different from Matters.
  • Leads have a Convert to Matter bar, which will disappear after the Lead has been converted to a Matter.
  • Instead of a Matter Details section heading, Leads have a Lead Details section heading. 
  • A Lead will have a Lead Type matter listing item, whereas a Matter has Matter Type.
  • Leads do not have a Matter Number/Internal Reference Number.


You can work in the lead similar to a matter and add parties, schedule events, create tasks or next steps, and automate letters and documents.

You can also be more productive working in a lead by applying matter stages, workflows or creating views for upcoming lead tasks.

Once the client retains you, you can convert the Lead to a matter.

Keep your leads in the loop with email marketing

Make use of Smokeball's Email Marketing integration to maintain contact with leads after completing all lead tasks.

Good to know

  • Make use of Memos to capture lead interactions on the phone.
  • Use the Next Steps box to note important considerations and actions for the lead.
  • Firm Owners can use firm insights to determine when to follow up old leads.
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