Add an Ask

Before you create an ask, create a Precedent first.

  1. To add an Ask to a document, ensure that you are open in Precedent Creation/Modification mode
  2. Ensure your 'Show' radio button is set to 'Show Fields'

  3. Click on the Ask tab
  4. Click Add

  5. Give your Ask a Field Name
  6. Create a Question for your Ask
  7. Select the Answer type
  8. If you have selected Choice, enter the Choices (Enter one per line)
  9. Click Create

  10. Place your cursor in the document where you would like to add the Ask
  11. Double click the Ask to add it to the document

  12. Toggle the radio button to 'Show values'

  13. Test the Ask populates data correctly in your document
  14. Click 'Run questions for this form' at the bottom of Smokeball Side Toolbar to test all variations of the Ask

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