Document Containers

Document containers are your standard set of letter formats (such as your letter head) that are generally all set up by your Client relationship manager during the onboarding process.

To access your document container templates:

1. Go to Smokeball Settings

2. Click on the Document containers tab

Document container Settings:

  1. Add a new Document container
  2. Modify/ amend an existing container
  3. Revert to a previous container version
  4. Change order of your containers list

Add a new document container

To add a new document container, such as "Pre-printed letter head"

1. Click on Add 

2. Enter in a name so that it can be easily recognised in a list 

3. Enter in the Type of container (Letter, Form, Invoice etc) 

4. Click Create

5. You will now have a blank work document open for you to begin formatting to suite the container that you need. For assistance with using the fields in this screen please refer to - Amend your Letterhead

6. Once you have finished formatting this letter in word, click save and close and the new container will be saved in your settings

Modify/ Amend an existing container

For assistance in amending or modifying an exisiting container, please see article - Amend your Letterhead

Revert to a previous container version

If you have accidentally saved changes to your container that you are unhappy with, instead of trying to change it back you can simply revert to the previous version. 

To do this:

1. Right click on the container you wish to revert 

2. Select Version history 

3. Review the previous versions of your container and once you locate the original that you wish to revert to, right click and select Set us current version.

Image result for light bulb emojiIf you are unsure which version was the one you are looking for you can select view this version before setting it as the current version.

Change the order of your containers list

When you are working with your letters within a matter you are able to manually select a container at this point, it is best to have the containers in order of "most used". 

To order your containers:

  1. Select a container template in the list
  2. Use the up and down arrows on the right hand side to move these

3. Once you are happy with the order, click save

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