Client Portal Overview

The Client Portal (formerly known as Communicate) is Smokeball's own messaging platform, and is the best way to securely share confidential information securely with clients. 

The Client Portal not only offers secure messaging and file sharing, but also helps firm communication with internal channels and matters. On top of this, Smokeball automatically tracks the time you spend using the Client Portal.

Client Portal Features

Secure File Sharing & Messaging

Send confidential information via files or chat securely through the Client Portal on the desktop or the mobile application.

Rather than send confidential files through the normal email process, use the Client Portal to give yourself peace of mind that your information is secure. You can even share entire folders with your client!

If you send invoices to clients via Smokeball, you also have the option to send them via the Client Portal, reducing the risk of email scams.

Learn more about sending and receiving files securely on the Client Portal.

View and pay for invoices

With email invoice scams becoming a larger risk, point your clients to the Communicate mobile app to view and pay for their overdue invoices.


 Learn more about sending an invoice via the Client Portal.

Share Intake Forms securely

Your client can easily complete Intake Forms directly via the Client Portal, keeping all their legal correspondence in one place.


Internal Messaging and Matter Conversations

Whether everyone is working in the same office, in different locations, or you have remote staff, the Client Portal allows you to send direct messages to individuals or groups. You can have internal conversations on a matter or even set up individual channels for internal use.

Learn more about messaging internal staff members on the Client Portal.

Communicate Mobile App

Send messages and review files while on the go through Smokeball's Communicate App.

You can receive notifications of messages directly to your phone so you never miss an important message. More importantly, you have a secure chat established with any client of a third party. Learn more about the Communicate Mobile App.

SMS Text Messaging

You can send an SMS text message directly from a conversation. This allows you to reach someone via text message even if they are not using the Communicate Mobile Application. 

Learn more about sending Client Portal messages to your client as an SMS.

Your Client's experience

The Client Portal helps you give your clients the best possible experience and a competitive edge. Clients will have the peace of mind that all conversations they have with your firm and any confidential information shared are secure.

Clients or any third party can connect to your firm on the Client Portal using the mobile app or on a web browser.

If you are looking for a client or third-party-facing resource, send them the Client Experience article.

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