Planning and prioritising work in a law firm can be complex and based on multiple considerations. Effective decision making requires more than just a list of matters - which is the first thing you see when you open up Smokeball - but finding bits of information that sit in different parts of Smokeball can be time-consuming and complicated.


We are launching a new Dashboard that will welcome you when you open Smokeball and display information that is currently contained in your Daily Digest and recent activity timeline in a much more visually appealing layout, rather than sending you directly to the data-heavy matter list first.

This is a lighter-weight entrance into Smokeball which places front and centre the things you need to know to track and manage your work for the day more effectively.

Feature Details

Next time you fire up Smokeball, you will be taken directly to your new dashboard. You will see your:

  • Daily Digest with your events, tasks and phone messages
  • Recently viewed matters
  • Recent activity
  • Activity Timeline

You can always return to your list of matters by clicking the Matters icon on the left navigation menu.

Below is a video of Smokeball Chief Revenue Officer Jane Oxley and Global Head of Product Adele Hoyle previewing the Dashboard, recorded in Dec 2021 just prior to release.

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