Customise your dashboard with widgets

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Make the Smokeball dashboard work for you by adding widgets to keep track of important tasks, leads, and activities. 

This article will go into detail on widgets available in our Widget Library. You can also customise your dashboard by moving widgets around and adding new dashboards.  

Note: Only you can see changes made to your dashboard. Changes you make on the dashboard customisation screen are not visible to other users in your firm. 

How to add widgets to your dashboard 

  1. Select Customise from the top-right corner of the dashboard to enter the layout customisation screen. 
  2. Select Add Widget. 


Customise widget appearance or date range

Most widgets have additional settings to further configure how they look and what time period they pull from. To view widget settings, select the three dots on the top-right corner of the widget.

Resize a widget

Widgets can be resized to make room for more widgets on the dashboard or to improve how it looks. Drag the bottom-right corner of a widget to resize it.


Keep track of your day and your activity

The Daily Digest widget shows your events, tasks, and phone messages for today. You can also adjust the day and check other staff members' daily schedules.

The Activity Timeline widget graphs your activity for the day, week or month and breaks down the duration you spent on each activity.

View leads or matters with no activity 

The Leads/Matters with No Activity widget shows all open and pending leads or matters that have not had any work done within a certain timeframe. Keep on top of your leads and don’t let matters fall through the cracks. 


View recent activity

  • The My Recent Activity widget shows the last 15 actions you completed in Smokeball. This includes opened leads/matters, attended events, completed tasks, documents, memos, emails, messages and matter admin.
  • The My Recent Documents widget shows you 15 of the most recent documents you’ve saved changes in. 
  • The My Recently Viewed widget shows a list of all recently viewed matters and leads so you can quickly jump back into them.

View new leads or matters 

The New Leads and New Matters widgets show all new leads or matters created in a specific timeframe. 


View matters by stages 

The Stages widget shows all matters in a stage set, sorted by how far along the stage set. You can quickly tell if too many matters are being bottlenecked at a certain stage or if there aren’t enough leads being converted into matters. 

View upcoming conveyancing settlement dates 

Use the My Settlements widget to view upcoming settlement dates over a certain time frame.


The information is pulled from data entered in the Conveyancing Details and Property Details layouts. 

From the dashboard screen, you can view settlements that fall on a particular day, week, or month.  
Hover over the matter, property address, or settlement location to see the full details of the settlement. 

View conveyancing critical dates 

The My Conveyancing Critical Dates widget shows critical dates for conveyancing matters over a specified time frame. 

The critical date types you can choose are:

  • Cooling Off expiry date 
  • Finance due date 
  • Building & Pest date 
  • Pool Safety date 
  • Special Condition due date 
  • Settlement date
  • Stamp Duty due date


The information is pulled from data entered in the Conveyancing Details and Property Details layouts. 

From the dashboard screen, you can view critical dates on a particular day, week, or month.  

You can add more than one critical date widget to display another version of the widget but configured to different dates or critical date types.

View Billable and Non-Billable Hours or Amounts

Easily keep track of your hours using the Hours or Amounts widget. Once enabled, the widgets displays your number of billable and non-billable time entries logged for the specified period.


Note: Pending fees will not be included. 

View incoming Intake Forms

The Intake Forms widget shows a list of intake forms created and submitted in a specified time frame.

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