Mark a document as a favourite

Smokeball provides you with the ability to Favourite a document in your matter so you can locate it easily time and time again. 

There is no limit to the number of documents you can set to Favourite.

Marking a document as Favourite

You can select/unselect a document as a Favourite in two ways:

  • Hover over the document and click the star.image(1052).png
  • Right-click on the document and select Add to Favourites from the menu.image(1054).png

Identifying Favourited Documents

You can identify a favourite document as it will have a yellow star in the corner of the document icon and when you hover over a document, the yellow start to the right side will light up.


Filter for favourite documents

To view only your favourite documents in a list, select the new Favourites filter.


Additional tips:

  • Changes to document favourites will show in the matter file and document history.
  • Favourited documents are firm-wide.
  • No impact to filtering the document list (i.e. favourites will not filter separately).
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