Unfair Dismissal

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 To create a new Unfair Dismissal matter, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click New Matter from the Home Screen.
  2. Select State: NSW, VIC, QLD or SA.
  3. Select Matter Type: Employment.
  4. Select Matter: Unfair Dismissal - Employee (if you are acting for the employee) OR Unfair Dismissal - Employer (if you are acting for the employer)
  5. Enter the parties details.
  6. Select 'Claim Details' to enter the Commission Matter Number, and Commission (and relevant Commission dates once known):

    - See Entering the Commission Details (below) for further details on how to enter the Commission.
  7. Enter relevant Employment Details and Application Details (employee) or Response Details (employer) in the relevant Details sections.
  8. To add Uncommon Contacts to your matter, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate contact from the Parties & Data available in your matter.
    For Unfair Dismissal, the available parties include Previous Solicitor and Additional Contacts:

Entering the Commission Details

  1. After clicking the button an Organisation card will open for you to complete.
  2. Create an Organisation contact card for your particular Fair Work Commission (if one already exists simply start typing the name in the "Name" field and this will automatically prompt you to select the relevant Commission details.
  3. Enter the registry Street Address, PO Box Address and other contact details. 
  4. The Claim Details layout will then display as follows. 

Enter Relevant Dates

  1. Open Claim Details.
  2. Enter the Conciliation Date and Hearing Date.
  3. The dates can also be used in your Employment - Unfair Dismissal Workflows:

    - See Workflows for more information on creating Workflows. 

Change existing General matter to Unfair Dismissal

Existing NSW General matters can be easily changed to Unfair Dismissal matters as follows:

  1. Open your existing General matter (used for Unfair Dismissals)
  2. Open Matter Type
  3. Select change...
  4. Select new Matter Type as either Employment > Unfair Dismissal - Employee OR Employment > Unfair Dismissal - Employer (depending on who you act for)
  5. Select OK:
  6. Enter Reason For Change
  7. Select OK:
  8. Your matter will now appear as 'Unfair Dismissal - Employee/Employer', with the party roles and layouts that are available in the Unfair Dismissal matter:

Image result for light bulb emojiDon't forget to! ...

Subscribe to the Employment Precedent Profile

You can subscribe to the Employment Precedent Profile in your Smokeball Settings

- See Precedent Profiles for more information on subscribing to precedent profiles.

We have some new Employment precedents and forms available in the Smokeball Precedent Library, including automated Fair Work Commission Forms:

You can also 'Request a form' to have additional forms added to the Precedent Library!

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