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 To create a new Employment General matter, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click New Matter from the Home Screen.
  2. Select the State of your Employment matter.
  3. Select Matter Type: Employment General.
  4. Select which party you are acting for (Employee or Employer)
  5. Select 'Next': 
  6. Enter your client details, and any relevant other parties:
    - See Adding Contacts for more information on adding contacts generally. 
  7. To add Uncommon Contacts to your matter, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate contact from the Parties & Data available in your matter.
  8. Open Info to change your Employment General matter's Re Line or Matter Description. Select Override to type a new Re Line or Matter Description: 

Change existing General matter to Employment General

Existing General matters can be easily changed to Employment General as follows:

  1. Open your existing General matter (used for Employment General)
  2. Open Matter Type
  3. Select change...
  4. Select new Matter Type as Employment Employment General
  5. Select OK:
  6. Select which Party you are acting for (Employee or Employer)
  7. Enter Reason For Change
  8. Select OK:

Your matter will now appear as 'Employment General', with the party roles and layouts that are available in the Employment General matter:


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