Adding Multiple Contacts

You can add Multiple Contacts (ie 2 of the same party such as 2 purchasers) two different ways:

Add each party on separate contact cards

eg: Purchaser 1 and Purchaser 2 have separate details so I want them on separate cards.

This is suitable for:

  • Parties who have different addresses, so you will write to them separately.
  • Parties who are transacting in the capacity of Trustee
  • Parties who are involved in a Nomination (VIC Conveyancing only)

Within the matter, right click on the existing contact (1), Add Purchaser (2), select Same Solicitor or Different Solicitor (3)

Complete Contact card

Party names will then appear on separate lines in Matter details


You will be able to select which party you are writing to

Add Multiple parties on the same contact card

eg: Purchaser 1 and Purchaser 2 are married so I want them on the same card

Suitable for:

  • Parties who share same address and you will write to them together
  • Parties who are not Trustees nor involved in a Nomination

Within the matter, open the existing contact details (1), click on Add another person (2) and complete the new contact details (3)

Both party names will then appear on the same line in Matter details

You will be able to write to them together


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